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Kanye West Becoming Sued For $two.5M For Biting “New Slaves”

Consider note, if you’re a super productive artist, make certain you have potent attorneys, or spend for your samples. Kanye West is becoming sued by a composer who claims he wasn’t paid enough for the use of one of his songs on Yeezy’s “New Slaves.” Gabor Presser. a huge shot Hungarian composer, says the final component of Kanye’s “New Slaves ” characteristics one of his songs. Presser says appropriate just before the song was dropped in 2013, ‘Ye reached out for permission to use it. Gabor agreed, but says that was only beneath the assumption a formal deal would be laid out. In accordance to the docs — obtained by TMZ — Presser says Kanye sent him a $10k advance to push the deal by means of, but Presser says he in no way cashed the verify. Sounds like somebody in the sample clearance division dropped the ball.

05/22/2016 18:57:44
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