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Kanye West, Emily Ratajkowski Flirting Report NOT True

According to the repeatedly disprovenStar magazine, West was “drooling over” Ratajkowski, and tried to “find excuses to speak to her” at the Met Gala, all in front of his wife Kim Kardashian. A so-named “source” tells the tabloid that Kardashian “looked so uncomfortable and glum.” The alleged “source” adds Kardashian had a “terrible time” at the ball, and even however it is normally 1 of her preferred events, this yr it was a “total nightmare” for her because of West’s supposed flirting with Ratajkowski. The tabloid further alleges that West’s habits at the style ball was the “last straw” for Kardashian, who’s “sick and tired” of his antics. The magazine’s seemingly specious “insider” adds that Kardashian and West “no longer rest in the very same room,” and she’s at the “end of her rope with Kanye’s craziness.”

05/12/2016 15:55:21
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