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Khloe Kardashian Poses Beneath 'Fidel' Signal in Cuba, Sparks Controversy

That&aposs kontroversy for KoKo. Khloé Kardashian' s household trip to Cuba this week was met with controversy late Wednesday, May four, following she posted a photo of herself posing beneath a "Fidel" indicator in Havana. What was very likely intended to be an artsy snapshot was greeted by jeers rather. "It is a genuine shame and a very interesting story with many negative guys," @cherchezlechic commented. "The only victims right here are the Cuban folks who are left in their island because the ones with power that could assist overturn the dictator chose to run away and abandon them. They decide on to keep away and complain that other governments or people wont remedy their difficulties while their brothers and sisters die of starvation and reside with no freedom.

Sad without a doubt." "It&aposs a single thing to go to yet another nation to attend and help a vogue present but an additional to exploit their individuals and post this atrocious image with the title of the man who tortured and killed thousands of men and women and continues to do so," @michele_n_jason noted. "You&aposre proper, if I went to North Korea and posed in a image supporting their leader and folks starving folks would just be offended, appropriate?"

A single commenter produced the situation personalized for the Kardashians. "Wow. just before you get a picture glorifying Fidel how about you get informed. Fidel is just like the dictators in Armenia that killed so a lot of Armenians," @sutrera0612 wrote. One more particular person @aariddannee additional: "You and your sister talk about the Armenian genocide and want to carry awareness to it, yet you do something like this.

With all the money you have, you need to invest a little and educate oneself." Meanwhile, @maneeg commented: "I&aposm not Cuban I&aposm Mexican-American. But this picture is offensive even to me." One more particular person @rayisalove mentioned, "This is quite distasteful. #knowledgeispower." A true fan of Kardashian&aposs also called out the concern with the photo. "@khloekardashian i like you a great deal but you could&aposve posted a picture on yet another background," @justlimary noted to the star. Do you know who Fidel Castro is. He is a DEMON. ' If I was you I would delete this publish.

I know possibly you don&apost know due to the fact you don&apost have to know. But is not great for your image." Some followers of KoKo, even so, defended the actuality star amid the backlash. "Gorg!" one particular person wrote, while an additional extra: "She&aposs more successful and hardworking than most men and women. It&aposs truly perform to grow to be a globe broad known brand. " In spite of the drama, Kardashian posted a stick to-up snapshot gushing about her newest cultural immersion. "My goal is to broaden my mind," the Strong Seems to be Much better Naked author wrote. "Now, it has been filled with new recollections and knowledge of culture, meals, traditions, day-to-day life. It will by no means go back to yesterday&aposs dimensions!

I&aposm so blessed to be in a position to enjoy one more&aposs culture  God is Excellent!

Thank you for my options." I can&apost wait to get back house and start with my Spanish tutor!

Just a novice but I&aposm on my way! Right here&aposs hoping!

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