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Kim Kardashian Shares Private Video With Kanye West in Bed

As we all recall, Kim Kardashian very first rocketed to fame soon after her sex tape with her ex Ray J leaked back in 2007, and now it appears Kim is going back to her personal bedroom video roots — sort of. The 35-yr-outdated reality star took to Snapchat on Friday evening from the comfort of her bed sporting absolutely nothing but a bra alongside her 38-year-previous shirtless husband, Kanye West.

But there was practically nothing risqué going on — very the opposite, in truth. Kim couldn't rest, and utilised the possibility to make clear why she had posted her pregnancy scare on Snapchat the evening before. "It really is four in the morning and I am so tired but I can't fall asleep," she says in a video. "I have to get up at 8:30 in the morning." "Some individuals are asking me why I would Snapchat the pregnancy check on the airplane," Kim continues. "I just thought it was like humorous simply because I've been so personal ahead of and like, what do I actually care if I was pregnant once more?" "And I did not get my time period this month so I was just actually baffled and I couldn't stand to be, like, on a total plane flight for ten hrs without having understanding," she goes on to say. "So that is why I made the decision to put it on Snapchat. And I am not pregnant."

Kanye appeared much less stressed out, generating faces and noises just before zonking out lengthy just before Kim. "This is so unfair," Kim says following her husband falls asleep. "He's like passed out. Do you hear him snoring?" Another source of anxiety for Kim could be her ongoing property renovations, as the couple are at present renovating the Hidden Hills mansion they purchased in 2014 for $twenty million and have determined to add a lagoon to their estate. A supply tells US Weekly of the backyard watering hole: "It is for swimming and factors of that nature. They removed the outdated pool that was there, and this will be double the dimension of the previous pool — and an unusual shape."

05/22/2016 00:45:16
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